SOTA Trip Library

SOTA (Summits On The Air) is an Amateur Radio program where hams climb to the tops of mountains, set up a radio station, and talk with people from around the world. The K4KPK SOTA Trip Library is a library of SOTA trip plans. The idea is:

  • I think, "Hey! I'd like to do a SOTA activation next Thursday."
  • I go to the SOTA Trip Library and pull out a trip plan, print it, and go.

These stories contain driving directions, trail directions, and a summary of what you’ll find on the summit (including whether or not cell coverage is available). I generally don’t publish until I’ve been to the mountain.

Click on the summit name to get my detailed guide to activating the summit.

Click on the summit ID to get the official SOTA page for the summit.

Summit Name ID PT Miles BW SMS Pair With
@template W4x/YY-ZZZ 8 0.8 Y A, V Buckeye, Coosa
Akin Mountain W4G/NG-029 8 0.8 Y A, V Buckeye, Coosa
Bald Knob W4C/WM-046 8 2 N N
Bald Mountain W4G/HC-003 10 0.5 N TM, VW Grassy
Barnett Knob W4C/WM-055 8 0.6 N Y Richland Balsam, Waterrock Knob, Steestachee Bald, Bunches Bald
Beech Mtn W4C/EM-007 N
Bell Knob W4G/NG-035 8 0.0 N Y Eagle
Big Bald Mountain W4G/HC-002 10 4.6 Y VM
Big Cedar Mountain W4G/NG-023 8 1.4 N Y Black, Gooch, Sassafras
Big Fodderstack W4T/SU-028 10 3.8 Y unknown
Black Balsam W4C/CM-005 10 1.2 N TM-2019, PW-2019 Green Knob, Mt Pisgah, Richland Balsam
Black Mountain W4G/NG-022 8 1 N Y Big Cedar, Gooch, Sassafras
Blackrock Mountain W4G/NG-027 8 0.6 N M Rabun Bald
Blood Mountain W4G/NG-004 10 2.1 N M Levelland, Sheriff
Blue Mountain W4G/NG-010 10 1.1 N M Rocky, Tray, Brasstown
Bluff Mountain W4C/CM-035 10 and 8 4.3 N F Max Patch
Boteler Peak W4C/WM-036 8 3 N unknown Standing Indian
Brasstown Bald W4G/NG-001 10 0.6 N Y Tray, Blue, Rocky
Buckeye Knob W4G/NG-017 8 0.7 N T,V Akin, Coosa
Bunches Bald W4C/WM-013 8 0.3 Y Y Richland Balsam, Waterrock Knob, Steestachee Bald, Barnett Knob
Burnt Mountain W4G/HC-010 N
Buzzard Knob W4G/NG-021 8 3.5 Y T,V Little Bald Knob
Buzzard Knob via Blue Ridge Gap W4G/NG-021 8 2.6 Y T,V
Clingmans Dome W4C/WM-001 10 0.6 N M Wine Spring Bald, Nettle Creek Bald, Barnett Knob
Coosa Bald W4G/NG-006 8 0 N N
Copper Ridge Bald W4C/WM-023 8 3 Y TM,PM
Cowee Bald W4C/WM-039 8 0.5 N Y
Cowpen Mountain W4G/HC-001 10 1.7 Y M
Craggy Dome W4C/CM-007 10 0.5 Y M Mt Mitchell
Double Spring Knob W4G/NG-007 10 + 8 Y TM,VM,A
Dyer Mountain W4G/HC-009 8 0.2 Y Y Flat Top, Cowpen, Bald, Grassy
Eagle Mountain W4G/NG-008 10 4.7 N Y Bell Knob
Flat Top Mountain W4G/HC-006 8 N Y Dyer, Cowpen, Bald, Grassy
Frozen Knob W4G/NG-033 N
Glassy Mountain W4G/NG-031 8 1 N T,V Blackrock
Gooch Mountain W4G/NG-041 8 0.5 Y T,V Sassafras, Black, Big Cedar
Grandmother Mountain W4C/EM-022 8 0 N Y
Grassy Mountain W4G/HC-007 8 2.4 N Y Bald Mountain, Cowpen, Flattop, Dyer
Grassy Ridge Bald W4C/EM-001 10 2.2 N Roan High Knob
Green Knob W4C/CM-020 8 0.5 N unknown Mt Mitchell
Green Knob W4C/CM-023 8 0.7 N T,V Black Balsam Knob, Green Knob (CM-020), Mt Pisgah, Richland Balsam
Greentop W4T/SU-076 8 0 N T Max Patch, Walnut Mtn, Clingmans, Barnett
Hemlock Knob W4T/SU-043 8 0.6 Y N Stratton Bald, Huckleberry Knob
High Rock W4T/SU-024 10 1.6 N Y
Hightower Bald W4G/NG-003 10 5.1 Y T,V
Horsetrough Mountain W4G/NG-009 10 3.2 Y T,V
Huckleberry Knob W4C/WM-011 10 1.0 N Y Stratton Bald, Hemlock Knob
Hullander Knobs West W4G/NG-038 8 0.8 Y unknown Ravencliff, Joe
Joe Mountain W4G/NG-055 6 0.1 N T Ravencliff, Hullander
Kennesaw Mountain W4G/CE-001 2 1.2 N T,V,A Pine Mountain
Levelland Mountain W4G/NG-014 8 1.9 N T,V Blood, Sheriff
Levelland Mountain via Tesnatee Gap W4G/NG-014 8 4.5 N T,V
Lickstone Bald W4C/CM-012 N
Little Bald Knob W4G/NG-032 8 Y unknown Buzzard Knob
Little Bald Knob W4T/SU-025 DRAFT 8 0 N
Max Patch W4C/CM-036 8 0.5 N TN,VN,A Walnut
Mt Hardy W4C/WM-006 10 2.2 N TM-2019 Richland Balsam, Black Balsam
Mt Mitchell W4C/CM-001 10 0.3 N Y Craggy Dome
Mt Pisgah W4C/CM-011 10 1.2 N T,V Black Balsam Knob Green Knob Mt Pisgah Richland Balsam
Nettle Creek Bald W4C/WM-027 8 2.2 N Y Clingmans, Cowee
Oakey Mountain W4G/NG-015 via Rock Mtn Trailhead 8 0 N
Pine Mountain W4G/HC-036 2 1.3 N Y Kennesaw
Pond Mountain W4T/SU-030 N
Rabun Bald W4G/NG-002 10 1.7 N TM,A Blackrock
Ravencliff Knob W4G/NG-026 8 0.9 N T,V Hullander, Joe
Rice Knob W4C/CM-082 N
Rich W4C/WM-029 DRAFT 8 0 N
Richland Balsam Mountain W4C/WM-003 10 0.6 N unknown Steestachee Bald, Waterrock Knob, Bunches Bald, Barnett Knob
Ripshin Ridge W4T/SU-019 N
Roan High Knob W4T/SU-005 10 0.6 N TF-2018,VF,AW-2018 Grassy Ridge Bald
Rock Mountain W4G/NG-024 N
Rocky Knob W4G/NG-039 8 N T-2016
Rocky Mountain W4G/HC-008 8 2.3 N T,V
Rocky Mountain W4G/NG-011 10 1.2 N Brasstown, Tray, Blue
Rocky Mountain W4G/NG-016 Y
Rocky Mountain W4G/NG-050
Round Mountain W4T/SU-029 10 1.4 N TF Walnut Mtn, Max Patch
Round Top W4G/NG-013 8 unknown
Sassafras Mountain W4G/NG-040 8 0.7 N Y Big Cedar, Black, Gooch
Sassfras Knob W4T/SU-061 8 1.1 N TF,VW
Scaly Mtn W4C/WM-044 8 0 N
Shepherd Bald W4C/WM-045 N
Sheriff Knob W4G/NG-034 8 0.5 Y unknown Coosa
Shortoff Mountain W4C/WM-033 8 1.8 N V Yellow Mtn
Siler Bald W4C/WM-024 8 1.9 N V Wesser Bald, Wine Spring Bald
Snowbird Mountain W4T/SU-035 8 0 N
Spaniard Mountain W4G/NG-018 8 0.8 Y A, V Buckeye, Coosa
Springer Mountain W4G/HC-005 8 1.0 N T,V
Standing Indian W4C/WM-014 10 2.6 N M Boteler Peak
Steestachee Bald W4C/WM-010 10 0.5 Y TW, VW Richland Balsam, Waterrock Knob, Bunches Bald, Barnett Knob
Stone Mountain W4G/CE-003 2 1.3 N T,V
Stratton Bald via Beech Gap W4C/WM-020 8 3.6 N N Hemlock, Huckleberry
Stratton Bald via Wolf Laurel W4C/WM-020 8 3.6 N N Hemlock, Huckleberry
Sugar Mtn W4C/EM-011 N
Thunderhead Mtn W4T/SU-009 N
Toxaway Mountain W4C/WM-047 8 0 N
Tray Mountain W4G/NG-005 10 0.7 N Brasstown, Blue, Rocky
Vineyard Mountain W4G/HC-043 1 1 N Y
Walnut Mountain W4T/SU-033 10 1.4 N Max Patch
Waterrock Knob W4C/WM-004 10 0.4 N T,V Richland Balsam, Steestachee Bald, Bunches Bald, Barnett Knob
Wesser Bald W4C/WM-058 8 1 N unknown Siler Bald, Wine Spring Bald
Whiteside Mtn W4C/WM-042 8 1.2 N TF,VF
Wildcat Mountain W4G/NG-020 8 0.8 N M
Wine Spring Bald W4C/WM-018 10 0.3 N M Clingmans, Siler Bald, Wesser Bald
Wolf Knob W4G/NG-012 8 0.6 Y Y Rabun Bald, Blackrock Mtn, Glassy Mtn
Yellow Bald W4C/WM-022 8 0.4 Y VW Standing Indian
Yellow Mountain W4C/WM-028 8 2 or 8 N VW Shortoff

  • Pair With = If you'd like to try activating multiple summits on the same day, here's a candidate to pair with this summit.
    • Sometimes, I'll list a second summit that is near the primary summit. Other times, I'll list a secondary summit that you'll drive near on the way to your primary summit.
    • Some of my pairings are "Atlanta centric" in that I'll assume you're driving from Atlanta to a primary summit.
    • Note that not all pairings are orthogonal in that I'll list an easy summit as a pair to a hard summit but not vice versa, because you might do an easy hill on the way to a hard hill, but you'd never say, "Gee. I'm doing a 15 minute hike today, why don't I add on a grueling 8 hour bushwhack?"
  • BW = Bushwhack required.
  • PT = Points.
  • SMS = SMS/APRS results: T=AT&T, V=Verizon, P=APRS. W=Worked (default), F=Failed, M=Marginal (some failed). Y = I did use SMS but did not record which carrier.
    • e.g: "TM-2017, VF, P-2016" would mean AT&T was marginal in 2017, Verizon failed (year not documented), APRS worked in 2017
    • Year (if provided) indicates the latest year I checked it.

Here is the official list of summits I have activated.

I'm particularly proud of the fact that I first-activated 7 of Georgia's 14 ten-point summits as of April 20, 2013, when I first-activated the last un-activated ten-pointer. I'm also proud of being the first activator to collect the "full house" of all 14 of Georgia's ten-pointers.

If you're looking for routes to summits, Patrick Harris has an impressive set of GPX files at his web site.