A quick overview of some Morse/CW training programs. There are others. These are just the ones I’ve looked into.

I’m at a peculiar skill level – I can copy random, perfectly-spaced characters at about 20 WPM. I’m only good for 15 WPM if the text has meaning. Moderate noise doesn’t bother me too much. A sloppy fist will slow me to about 10 WPM. If I’m expecting a call sign and RST and you send me chatter, I’ll get completely lost.

I think these are interesting, for ordinary CW training:

  • Lcwo.net - characters, random sentences, call signs. Good place to start. Learn characters and move on to another option.
  • AA9PW.com/morsecode - characters, news headlines, simulated QSO.
  • http://seiuchy.macache.com - short lines from a QSO. Optional bad fist. No noise. Works on Safari, Firefox; not Chrome.
  • G4FON trains random letters with noise and bad fist. It does do some QSOs. It does not do news headlines. Wine works.
  • http://morsecode.ninja Many hours of audio files from 15-50wpm+ in 2-3wpm increments. Has a SOTA Activators/Chasers audio file.
  • MorseRunner - I’ve decided this one is great practices for SOTA. It is written as a contest trainer, with QRM, QRN, and pileups, but the exchange is close enough to a SOTA exchange to be good practice for on-the-air.

Maybe useful for specialty CW:

  • RufzXP - just call signs, very fast.
  • http://www.dxatlas.com/MorseRunner/ - contest simulation, with noise.

I found nothing to interest me:

  • Morse Mania - similar to AA9PW web site’s simulated QSO. (I’d rather use the AA9PW web site. You could find this one useful if you need to run offline.)
  • G4ILO Morse Machine - just characters.
  • AD5RX doesn’t run on current-generation Mac OS X. (Maybe it was on PowerPC chip set?)