I’m a fan of the N0SA mini-paddle, for SOTA CW use. It is lightweight, has a good feel… and it is supported by N0SA. He calls them “SSP Mini Paddles” and they are aluminum and steel.

Like all paddles with steel-posts and aluminum arms, I have trouble with developing a high-resistance connection between the pin and the arm/paddle, particularly after a period of non-use. So I decided to pull the arm off. To do so meant removing a c-clip.

I carefully wrapped my left hand around the paddle and pulled the clip off with a sharp, pointy tool. The clip bounced off my hand and was gone forever in the clutter of my shack.

I wrote to N0SA and asked him if I could buy a replacement – or several, since I’ll have to clean it again someday. He was kind enough to mail me 3 at no charge!

… and if anyone needs to buy replacements, they are:

  • McMaster Carr Part number 98408A114
  • Side-Mount External Retaining Rings, 3/32” O.D., for an 0.074” groove, made from 15-7 PH stainless steel