Drive to Trailhead & Trail Guide

Drive Guide - SummitName

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  • Google Maps URL from Ashford Dunwoody Rd and I-285 at 33.917, -84.3378:
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Trail Guide

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  • Navigation
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  • Trailhead altitude: ???
  • Summit altitude: ???
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Summit Guide

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  • Space to guy mast:
  • Cell coverage:
  • Unique features:
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Plan-B Candidates

  • summits listed here with some clue as to where/how

Pre-planning notes:

  • N4SR says:
    • Well my son and I took Lead Cove trail, which is shorter by about 1 mile round trip [than from Anthony Creek in Cades Cove]. Surprises, once you are on the AT, the net climb over 1.6 miles is about 600 feet. However it is a camel’s back. Up 300 ft, down 200 ft until you reach the summit. There is a marker at the top. But look at it then head back down to the bald and activate there.
    • It is a long hike, about 12 miles round trip but well worth it. Pick a nice day and leave early and you can do it!