Here are some ideas for combining SOTA summits. Maybe you’d like to activate multiple hills. Maybe you’d like to combine an activation with some other activity. (Yes, there are other activities!)

Triple-headers and More

  • Bell Knob, Cowee Mountain, Huckleberry Knob
  • Big Cedar Mountain (W4G/NG-023), Black Mountain (W4G/NG-022) and Gooch Mountain (W4G/NG-041). Tough, but do-able. I’ve done it.
  • Big Cedar Mountain (W4G/NG-023), Black Mountain (W4G/NG-022) and Rocky Mountain (W4G/NG-050). I haven’t tried this one yet.
  • Blue Mountain (W4G/NG-010), Rocky Mountain (W4G/NG-011) and Tray Mountain (W4G/NG-005). Tough, but do-able. I’ve done it. Three trailheads, not thru-hiking.
  • Dyer Mountain, Flat Top, Copwen, Bald, Grassy. I’ve never been able to fit them all into one day. I’m convinced it could be done. The Flat Top drive really requires 4WD, but I did it once in my Corolla.


  • Bald Mountain (W4G_HC-003), Grassy Mountain (HC-007). This is a logical combo. You drive right past Bald on the way to Grassy.

Section Hiking the Appalachian Trail

I’m trying to section hike the AT in Georgia. I’m not including segments I’ve already hiked.

  • Big Cedar Mountain (W4G/NG-023)
    • Arrange transportation (e.g. Appalachian trail shuttle) and hike from Woody Gap to Neels Gap, activating Blood Mountain (W4G/NG-004) too. 11 miles 1-way.
    • Activate, then hike half-way to Blood Mountain (W4G/NG-004) and back. Another day, activate Blood Mountain and hike half-way to Big Cedar and back.
  • Rocky Mountain (W4G/NG-011) to Tray Mountain (W4G/NG-005) - Hike from Indian Grave Gap to Tray Mountain. 1.7 miles 1-way between trailheads. Add round trip for each summit-hike. Total round trip = 7.2 (plus a lot of vertical).
  • Blue Mountain (W4G/NG-010) to Horsetrough Mountain (W4G/NG-009) 6.5 miles 1-way.
  • Blue Mountain via Hogpen Gap at Richard B. Russell Hwy. 7.4 miles 1-way.
  • Levelland Mountain, from the “north.” 4.2 miles 1-way.