Here’s a tutorial on how to use to pick out a valid SOTA summit. For this tutorial, let’s imagine you live in Covington, Georgia, and you want to activate a nearby summit.

  • Set the Choose Association field to W4G - USA - Georgia
  • Set Choose Region to W4G/CE - Central
  • Click on the “2” in the triangle to the east of Atlanta. You just picked Stone Mountain.
  • A box will pop up with info about Stone Mountain. The title of the box is a hyperlink to more info. Click it.
  • If someone has activated the summit before, there is probably a link under “Resources”, with tips on finding/activating the summit from someone who has done it before.
  • Near the top of this page, you’ll see something like “Summit Information for xxx/yy-nnn”. xxx/yy-nnn is the Summit ID. For Stone Mountain, the code is W4G/CE-003. Write down the code for your summit because you’ll need it.