I want to activate a summit. I don’t want to read a lot. What’s the minimum I need to know?

  • Go to http://sotamaps.wsstvc.org/ and pick out a valid SOTA summit. Learn its “Summit ID.”
  • (Optional) Post an activation alert at [http://sotawatch.org/alerts.php]. This tells chasers when you’ll be there.
  • Go to the top of the mountain. If you can drive to the top, don’t. Be sure to park at least 100’ (elevation) below the summit, and walk the rest of the way to the top.
  • Make at least 4 QSOs from the summit. You don’t have to be exactly at the apex. Any 4 hams will suffice; it doesn’t matter whether they’re SOTA chasers.
  • When you’re home, submit your log using the “Submit Log” menu at http://sotadata.org.uk/.
    • If you don’t have a user ID on the site, you’ll have to sign up for one.
    • Ensure that you enter ALL of your contacts. (See “Admire your results” below.) This ensures you’ll get your points and your chasers can confirm they really talked with you.
  • (Optional) Admire your results at http://sotadata.org.uk/ by choosing “View Results”, then “My Results”, then “My Activator Log”.

Note: I’ve left out things like registering to use some of the web sites, figuring out how to get to the trailhead, etc. This is the “Cliff Notes” version of the procedure.