How to spot yourself for SOTA using APRS2SOTA….

Send an APRS message:

  • To: SOTA
    • Note: No SSID. Just “SOTA” (or, if you must, SOTA-0)
  • Message body (separate fields with spaces):
    • Summit-ID
    • Frequency in MHz
    • call-sign
    • optional comment

e.g. Send the following to SOTA:

W4G/NG-001 14.344 SSB K4KPK hello from Brasstown Bald


  • You do have to pre-register. Send an email to misc at (that’s at g0Lgs). I sent a few extra words, so it would be clear I was not a robot. Be sure to provide your call sign.
  • I’ve been asked whether the content must be upper/lower case. I don’t know. In fact, I don’t actually know how to switch upper/lower case on my HT, so it seems unlikely that case matters.

See also: SOTA Self-spot Via SMS