SOTA Activation Report: W4G/NG-29, Akin Mountain

Trip of 2013.11.24

  • Succeeded: Yes
  • First-activation: No
  • Propagation forecast on departure: 40m=fair, 20m=good, 17m=good, S/N=0-1, A=8, K=0, Geomag=inactive
  • Propagation forecast on return: 40m=fair, 20m=good, 17m=good, S/N=0-1, A=2, K=0, Geomag=inactive

See my trip planning guide at: SOTA Guide: W4G/NG-029, Akin Mountain


KG4ZGW observed on my second summit today too. (W4G/NG-029, Akin Mountain.) More accurately, I was chauffeured to my summits, since we took his truck. Good thing too. I’d been told that the drive from W4G/NG-017 to W4G/NG-029 was maybe-drivable in a passenger car, but we almost got his 4Runner stuck in the mud. It had rained recently, and despite the cold weather, some of the mud was not frozen and there were some deep mud bogs. (You can easily drive a passenger car to this summit along Mulky Gap Road from Owltown Road.)

We saw something unusual at the trailhead — a dirt road marked to be driven only by vehicles with handicap tags. I dunno what’s down that road, but I’m still scratching my head over having a dirt road to be driven only by the handicapped. It was a side road off the main dirt road, so it doesn’t get a lot of traffic.

There was a nice view of the valley from the ridge line. The temperature was up from the morning, and the wind had died down, so we were much more comfortable than on W4G/NG-017 this morning.

WA7JTM called me summit to summit. His signal was weak, but he stuck with my as I had him repeat his call sign and RST over and over. I got it eventually. I felt bad about not being able to pick it out of the noise, but my sidekick said he never heard it, so maybe a few repeats wasn’t too bad.

I had a little trouble with QRM from music on 40 meters. Dunno if it was a stuck mike, intentional interference, or a bad joke.

I continue to be pleased with my 35’ carbon fiber pole, supporting an EFHW for 20 meters. It performs reasonably well and it goes up fast — particularly when I bungee it to something, instead of guying it out.

Thank you chasers!