Screamer Mtn Drive & Trail Guide, W4G/NG-056

Drive Guide - Screamer Mountain

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  • Google Maps URL from Ashford Dunwoody Rd and I-285 at 33.917, -84.3378:
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####Trail Guide

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####Summit Guide

Walt, W0RON (formerly KJ4HE - get his email address from the NASOTA mailing list) says:

Well ………… the road to the summit ends at a dead-end about 200-300 yards from the top where you are met by two big iron gates that are padlocked together and straddled by stone and cement columns. Yes, the summit is privately owned by a gentleman who lives in the Atlanta area.

There are condos across the street from the gates and the private road that leads to the actual summit. The condos and the gate are outside the activation zone.

If you get permission to access the summit, access is by walking around the narrow path off to the side of one of the stone columns. Walk time is reportedly ~ 5 minutes.

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