Rocky Mountain Drive & Trail Guide, W4G/NG-016

Summit is worth 8 points + 3 bonus

Drive Guide - Rocky Mountain (NG-016) from Atlanta

  • Duration: 1:35, 75 miles
  • Google Maps URL:
  • Seasonal/Limited Access: Dirt road, no gates.
  • Directions:
    • I-285 to GA-400
    • North on GA-400 and go 47
    • L on US-19 toward Dahlonega and go 5
    • R on US-19 and go 8
    • S onto GA-60 and go 7
    • R on GA-180 and go 4.5
    • Just past Lake Winfield Scott, bear L on Cooper Creek Rd and go 1.1. (Turns to dirt at 0.8. ) Driveable in Prius.
    • Park just after crossing creek at the sharp right. Room for several cars on shoulder.
  • Food
    • Last McDonalds: Dahlonega
    • Penultimate McDonalds: GA-400 at GA-53 (38 miles north of I-285)

Trail Guide

  • Duration: 1:30 up; 1:15 down, 1.3 miles, 800’ elevation gain
  • Navigation
    • Take the old road bed right at the tip of the sharp right in Cooper Creek Rd. After a few feet, take the L fork toward the creek.
    • When you reach the ridge line, follow road bed off to the right, up the ridge line SOUTH.
    • At Locust Gap, make a 90-degree left turn onto a lesser road bed. This lesser road degrades to a trail.
    • After 0.15 miles, trail bears R, to bypass the summit. Begin ~0.7 mile bushwhack to L, following ridge to summit.
      • The bushwhack becomes strenuous and briar-ridden. Very slow hike at this point.
      • My GPS track up includes a side trip to see whether the road eventualy doubles back and goes up. It doesn’t so far as I could see. Don’t take that little detour. Take the reverse of my downward trek.
    • GPS failure return route: Head NORTH down the ridge to its bottom. Then EAST to road. If you have trouble finding the road, there’s a creek east of your route, and the creek crosses the road just before the sharp right where you parked.
  • GPS tracks/waypoints:
    • Summit: 34.7486, -84.0861 @ 3820’
    • Trailhead: 34.73834,-83.99398 @ ~3040’
    • Grid Square: EM84ar

Summit Guide

  • Hang antenna from tree: Yes
  • Space to guy mast: Yes
  • ATT Cell: No. APRS coverage: Good; rapid ACK.
  • Unique features: Stone chimney on summit, without mortar.


  • Gooch, Big Cedar, and Black are all near. Wildcat is also a workable Plan-B.