Burnt Mountain: Drive to Trailhead & Trail Guide

Can’t get there yet. It is on private property, with prominent “No Trespassing” signs. I scouted the location on November 9, 2013. The closest you can get to the summit are gates at Monument Road. The gates are at the ends of http://goo.gl/maps/zvYB2 at 34.54345, -84.3693 and 34.535883, -84.34485. The signs have no information regarding who to contact.

When looking at the map before traveling there, I had thought about following the power line, if the road was un-travelable. Don’t do it. The No Trespassing signs are pretty clear, and there are signs along Georgia Highway 136 too.

Monument Road is paved, and it looks like it once had a double yellow stripe down the middle. The map shows a dirt road from Monument Road to the summit. There are cell antennas on the summit. It should be an easy walk from the gate at 34.535883, -84.34485, if you can just get permission.

While I was moping around one of the gates, a couple of men came walking down the road. They explained that they had permission from the owner. I asked how to reach the owner. They were pretty vague. “The something-or-other Land Trust owns it. Check with the Pickens County Tax Assessor’s office. That’s where I got the contact name.”

There was another car parked at the gate. I left a note asking the driver to share contact info for the property owner with me. I’ll update this post if I find anything more.

Drive Guide - Burnt Mountain

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Trail Guide

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Summit Guide

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